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Vendor Information


Thank you for the interest in joining the JoJo's Family. When I started this boutique, I knew that there would be no way that I could do this on my own. I knew that I would need to bring in some like minded ladies ( or gentlemen) to help. Below I have tried to answer some of the most common questions I get from interested vendors.


How can I become a Vendor?

Well...first thing is first, come into the store. Take a look around. You will want to make sure that what we have in the store currently will compliment what you have to offer. Speaking from personal experience, come in as a shopper at least twice before you decide. Let me prove to you that our customer service is unmatched, we are unbiased on what sells and that we work not only for you but in the benefit of our customer too. 

Next, come in and talk with me about what you have to offer. If I feel like it would be a great fit, and you would be a great fit for the team we can go further.


What space am I limited to?

When I talk about "booth space" I don't exactly mean a booth space. I just mean a placement in the store. I like to mix everything up so everyone has the same opportunity. One week I may have your stuff up front in one spot, the next I could have it spread throughout the store. There is no fixed spot, unless that is something that you choose.


What am I able to sell?

You are able to sell what we agree upon. If you are wanting to bring in anything new, please just run it by me. I do not want anyone having duplicate items. Your contract covers what we agree on.

Example: We agree that you will sell jewelry. If you decide that you want to sell clothing, that is a separate booth fee.

How much is the booth fee?

The booth fee is $250 per month, due on the first of every month.

Do you take a percentage?

Yes. I take 10% from your sales to help cover credit card fees and office supplies like tags, price stickers...etc.

When are the payouts?

Payouts are every following week on Fridays. My weeks run Sunday-Saturday. So if you sold anything from Sunday-Saturday you will have a check the following Friday along with a detailed print out of what you sold and the taxes that I collected for you.

Do you file Sales Tax?

Yes, I collect all sales tax and permit them to the correct office for filing.

What about events?

When an event permits, I take everything with me that I can. If you are an MLM I am unable to take your items, as most events only allow 1 rep per company. There is no additional fee for me to take your items to these events. The only exception to this is if I do a large booth at a costly fee. Then I will give you the option to pitch in. I normally ask all vendors ahead of time and get a clear count of how many are interested, and then I divide the booth fee between all of us.

Am I able to help out in the store or at events?

Absolutely! You will just need to work with me some so you can learn my system and how I do things. I want our customers to have a uniform experience no matter who is working. Remember though, you are not there to only sell your items, we are working together with a common goal. My customers are #1 and I like to treat them like royalty.....I take time to get to know them..get to know their family...I am like the crazy Aunt or Sister they never had...LOL...


So...I think this about covers it. Please let me know if you have any questions. If you are interested I would love the opportunity to get to know you. But, first come to the store...check us out...then lets go from there.