WE OFFER SEZZLE! Free shipping on orders over $100.



How are items shipped?

All items are shipped via USPS First class or Priority Mail (depending upon weight) We try to ship as cheap & as quick as possible! If you require quicker shipping, PLEASE contact us for a quote! 


When Can I Expect My Order?

We ship out orders on Tuesdays & Thursdays for items that are IN STOCK. If you have purchased a custom or pre-order item, please check the item description carefully for a more detailed delivery time or contact us! Once shipped, you can expect to receive your order within 3-5 business days.


Do you have a retail store?

HECK YES....FINALLY! We started out making small things from home. We grew and started to do some traveling vendor shows. This opened my eyes a lot! Some I was prepared for...others I was not. I grew bigger and bigger from each show. We were finally given the chance to open a retail store in October of 2018. We are located at 3364 Rebecca Lane in Abilene, Texas.


Can I order Items & Pick Them Up in Store?

Yes! When checking out use the discount code LOCAL so you will not be charged shipping. We will hold your items for you. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO COME PICK ITEMS UP.


What is your return policy?

We do offer exchanges & store credit for the majority of our items (custom items excluded) 
To be eligible for an exchange/store credit, items MUST BE unwashed, unused & in brand new condition. If there is a defect with your items, PLEASE contact us! We do ask that you provide photos. 

Also, once an item leaves our hands and it is shipped it is no longer in our control. We will work with you to provide the best solution. But we will not refund for any lost or damaged items due to shipping.



Do You Wholesale?

We are actually in the process of getting all of that organized. It is a work in progress though. What I do know is that we will have a password protected site and the minimum order will be $50.00. We will also have a minimum order quantity but it will be small. We will not accept anyone without a sales tax ID and a resell certificate. Be looking for this in 2019.


Do You Really Serve Wine While We Shop?

You bet! We are excited to be the only boutique in town that offers this. If we happen to be out...of course we can not offer you any...but if we have it...you are welcome to it. NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY. Please drink responsibly and we will not serve you if we believe that you are not of age.

Who The Heck Are You?

In all reality...I am a mother of 3 boys....I swear these teenage years are going to kill me. I am married to the most amazing husband! He really does so much for us! He is "the dad that didn't have to be". I graduated from Clyde High School and piddled around in a few areas and I was never really happy with anything I chose to do. I started a home daycare (that I freakin loved) and saved up every bit of money I had to be able to open my own boutique. Did I think it would ever happen? Heck No! But here we are. Most days I am shy and have... what do you call it??? Social anxiety? No....seriously...I do. Somehow, someway opening my own store has made me get out of my comfort zone and I am kinda liking it. 

I am a Wine Lover. I love anything Reba, Dolly or Miranda Lambert (her store was my inspiration..shhhhh..) My favorite color is Hot Pink and Purple. I have the best dog EVER, her name is Fancy ( see what I did there). I love dancing, being spontaneous with my best friend, and the casino!

My mama is on of my best friends and I have the most amazing brother and sister in law! 

Need to know more...what to know more...COME VISIT ME!


Can we get margaritas after this?